Is Professional Web Design & Development Worth It? These 6 Factors Say It Is

Nowadays, the majority of successful businesses have a sound online presence, and at the very least, have a great looking website that advertises their wares and proudly displays everything it is that their brand stands for.

While there’s little doubt that having a website is beneficial to a company, many business owners still don’t want to invest money in it, and choose to create one themselves. And, unless you’re qualified in web design and development, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to compete with what a web development company in Calgary could expertly produce for you.

Still not convinced and think that the DIY approach could be worth your while? Take a look at the following 6 factors which show you just how beneficial using a professional web designer can be:

  1. It gives you a hassle-free website

If you don’t know your way around online tools designed to help you create your own website, you can quickly begin to falter, and in your haste to get the site up and running, will likely create something that’s subpar.

Hire a professional web designer, on the other hand, and within a matter of days, you’ll have a wonderfully vibrant and user-friendly site to show off, that you may never have been able to achieve on your own.

  1. You get a responsive design

Responsive design is essential in these times of mobile devices, and while it used to be okay for a website to function well on a computer alone, nowadays it simply must function well on a variety of devices. Do you know how to achieve this as a DIY web designer? Probably not. Enough said.

  1. Your SEO presence will be enhanced

Search engine optimization is almost as important to businesses as the products and services they’re offering, and if you can’t strive to hit the top of the results pages, what hope do you have? But, SEO is pretty technical, and without an in-depth understanding of it, you could be forfeiting hundreds, if not thousands o potential sales.

  1. Conversions will be increased

Being able to convert a visitor to your website into a paying customer, is what successful web design is all about, and with the DIY approach to building and managing a website, you’re unlikely ever to achieve this to any great effect. Sometimes, even the smallest of changes to an existing website can vastly improve a businesses conversion rate, and with a comprehensive digital strategy such as that provided by a digital design company, this can easily be achieved.

  1. You’ll gain credibility

A slick and stylish website is often an indicator of a businesses professionalism and trustworthiness, and if you want to encourage more of your target audience to buy from you, you’ll invest in a professionally designed website.

  1. It will save you time and money

Expanding your presence online is something that can be achieved so much more quickly and effectively with the help of a website design and development company. While it’s true that you have to pay them to do it, you could be up and running and making money from sales before you’ve even paid their bill, getting a great return on your investment, and having saved a whole load of time, too.

The expertise and specialist knowledge that a website design and development agency can provide for you, will undoubtedly bring you a great return on your investment. And while they’re busy fine tuning the visuals and content, prepping an SEO strategy, and making your website fully functional and responsive on all devices, you can concentrate on running your business and reaping the profits of their hard work!