What Makes A Memorable Website & How Can You Achieve This?

The average internet user nowadays has very little time and patience to devote to a website that doesn’t give them what they’re looking for within a matter of seconds. Which means that as a website designer, you also have very little time in which to lure potential customers in, and keep them on your site long enough for them to perform their desired actions.

Snap judgements rule the day when it comes to website visitors, so to ensure your site strikes all the right notes and sticks in visitors memory for all the right reasons, here are some things you must make sure it features:

Stunning visual design

Playing a significant role in determining how a visitor to your site enjoys their experience, how it looks visually is important to get right. You must ensure that the entire site’s layout is clear and uncluttered, that it has an appropriate color scheme, and the typography is consistent and chosen well, throughout.

Nifty loading speeds

There’s nothing more frustrating than a website that takes an eternity to load, and in this fast-paced world in which things happen right away, or they don’t happen at all, a slow website could cost you customers and your reputation. By working with a professional team of web designers, you can ensure the optimal performance of your website at all times, and encourage visitors to become customers.

Simple navigation

With intuitive navigation, you can help visitors to your site find exactly what they’re looking for in a matter of mere clicks. A visitor who gets lost within seconds of opening up your website certainly won’t wait around to see if things get any better, no matter how badly they want whatever it is that you’re offering. By crafting a site that makes navigating your way around it, a cinch, you can give visitors a great experience, and hopefully, one they’ll want to repeat.

Clarity of purpose

What your website is offering and what your brand represents, must be made clear to the user as soon as they click open the site, and a web designer can offer you some great tips for achieving this. For example, any taglines or headings displayed on the site (especially the landing page) must be concise and compelling; conveying a message that isn’t open to being misinterpreted in any way.

Relevant content

While the visuals of your website must be appealing to visitors, these are wasted if the content is dull, inaccurate or irrelevant. Make sure that your site contains information that’s true, informative, interesting, and which offers the visitor value.


Just by engaging with a web design agency and hiring them to give you an impactful and functional website, you can give visitors the impression that your business and brand are both professional and credible.


If your website doesn’t have a responsive design, you could be alienating yourself from all of those potential customers who use smart devices, such as phones and tablets. If your website doesn’t work well on different screen sizes, you will almost certainly lose any appeal you might have had among visitors.

Interactive elements

Boring, bland websites simply offer reams of writing, stock images, and nothing that visitors might want to engage in. Great websites, on the other hand, feature images that are original and compelling, and interactive videos and other items to entice users to engage with your business and brand.

You might think you know what it takes to create a memorable website, but when you work with a professional web designer, they’ll be able to show you many things you hadn’t even considered or known about, along with tricks and tips to encourage user engagement.