Client Overview

Red Key Mortgage - Elevating Mortgage Management with a Custom Web Solution

Red Key Mortgage, a distinguished player in the mortgage industry, approached us with a vision to enhance their digital presence and streamline their operations. Specializing in securing the best mortgages for their clients, they sought a comprehensive solution that included a professional website and a custom web application tailored to their unique needs.

Client's Objectives

Red Key Mortgage outlined the following set of key objectives for the project


Professional Website Design

Objective: Develop a visually appealing and professional website that accurately represents the Red Key Mortgage brand.

Our Solution: We crafted a visually stunning website that reflects the professionalism and reliability of Red Key Mortgage, providing visitors with an engaging and informative online experience.


Custom Web Application (Deal Connect)

Objective: Create a custom web application, named Deal Connect, to efficiently manage clients and deals.

Our Solution: The development of Deal Connect included a robust set of features tailored to Red Key Mortgage's workflow, enhancing efficiency and communication.


CRM Functionality

Objective: Implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system within Deal Connect to store client information, including notes and attachments.

Our Solution: We implemented a CRM system within Deal Connect to allows Red Key Mortgage to store and manage client information efficiently, complete with notes and attachments for a comprehensive client profile.


Mortgage Status Update Text Message Notifications

Objective: Integrate a feature for real-time text message notifications to keep clients informed about the status of their mortgages.

Our Solution: We integrated Deal Connect with a 3rd party vendor to support real-time text message notifications to keep clients informed about the progress of their mortgages.


Multi-User Profiles

Objective: Design and implement multi-user profiles within Deal Connect, distinguishing between Admins, Realtors, and Brokers, each with specific access and capabilities.

Our Solution: We successfully implemented a robust security module within Deal Connect to facilitate multi-user profiles. This ensures that every team member enjoys a secure and tailored experience by having the appropriate level of access and functionality.


Rates Widget Integration

Objective: Develop a Rates Widget that seamlessly integrates into Red Key Mortgage's websites, providing visitors with up-to-date mortgage rates.

Our Solution: We designed and implemented a Rates Management Module, empowering users to effortlessly maintain up-to-date rates. This module seamlessly integrates into Red Key Mortgage's websites, delivering visitors precise and real-time mortgage rate information.


Google Review Feature

Objective: Create a special feature within Deal Connect that allows Red Key Mortgage to solicit satisfied clients for Google Reviews via text message (SMS), enhancing their online presence.

Our Solution: We crafted Google Review Request feature, enabling Red Key Mortgage to harness client satisfaction through SMS requests, thereby enhancing and cultivating a positive online reputation.